Color anodizing

Color anodizing, anodizing in color gives surfaces a special metallic character and is possible in many colors (for example blue, green, red, yellow, violet, gold) as well as in black, also in shades.


"In the course of the diploma thesis by Maria Falkensammer, the plantoid" Esmiralda "was created. In nature, the opening process of leaves for the human eye can not be grasped; this process was therefore abstracted and made comprehensible by a bionic leaf. For the mechanical drive and various brackets Slender aluminum poles were used, into which holes and slits were cut. The surface was then brushed and anodized in anthracite to withdraw in its cool and artificial appearance. They are in contrast to the warm branches made of brass and the soft turquoise leaves material.""

Design project, Nespresso grand-crus-cups

CAZAT - Individual designer jewelry

Silver bangles and aluminum parts, laser-welded and then anodised.
Project work of a student of the Art Academy Linz

Fidget spinner

Fidget spinner

Fidget spinner




High-tech audio

Various components for model making

The exciting story of the creation of the extraordinary WESTCAM design crib "Baroque meets high-tech" including video is here for you!

Varta Bike

Wüstenrot Award

Components from our measuring device