Company Philosophy

The company Ing. Prägler GmbH is a service enterprise of surface technology, specializing in the refining of precision parts, predominantly made of aluminum, for precision mechanics, optics, medicine, flight and space technology. Services and technical facilities are continually adapted to the requirements of our customers.
In order to be able to expand the position as a specialist, customer expectations are recorded and their demands are offered at reasonable prices and are met in a timely manner. Furthermore, we are committed to the protection of the environment and our employees in terms of occupational health and safety. We commit ourselves to comply with official and legal requirements.
A quality management system according to ÖNORM EN ISO 9001 has been introduced in order to achieve these goals. An environmental management system according to ÖNORM EN ISO 14001, as well as a safety and health management system according to OHSHS 18001 has been introduced, which are constantly being maintained and improved.
The structure and process organization as well as the technical equipment are constantly adapted to the state of the art. This integrated management system involves tracking the following goals set by management:
• Minimizing the number of customer complaints
• Maximum flexibility in order processing
• Satisfied, performance-oriented and healthy employees
• Optimized use of energy resources.
Management regularly reviews the effectiveness of the integrated management system by means of reports that contain the results of internal audits, records and surveys.
Each employee is obliged to make his personal contribution to the implementation of this corporate philosophy and thus to support all activities which serve an efficient quality assurance, active environmental safety and health protection to the best of his ability.

Complete company philosophy can be requested from the management.